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Frequently asked questions

Why CS osvita?

If you are a good programmer but strive to do more challenging and rewarding work, then CS osvita is here to serve you. We focus on the challenging computer science concepts that will make you a significantly better engineer, but that are hard to learn without some instruction and a supportive environment. 

What does a typical class look like?

We conduct highly interactive style classes of 15 - 30 students, combining question-and-answer style teaching with hands on problem solving. Come ready to code, to question, and to discuss. Your instructor will help you extend your understanding to these and other applications.

Am I ready to take a course?

Classes are attended by engineers with a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. You should have prior programming experience, but you definitely do NOT need to be an "expert" programmer. We generally assume that you're the best judge of your abilities and interests.

How are courses structured?

Classes run twice per week for 2-3 months. We also suggest 10 hours per week for homeworks. We aim to calibrate course workloads such that a full time engineer can comfortably take our courses.

What does it mean for classes to be “live online”?

Live, instructor-led classes are conducted in an interactive style via Zoom. Students are expected to be actively engaged throughout the class, and to ask and answer questions. 

How practical are your courses?

We are senior software engineers, not theoreticians. All of our courses are practical, although they will push you toward a deeper understanding of the practice of software engineering.

Will the lectures be recorded?

Yes, but it's better to make time to join them personally.

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